Climate Adaptation coordinator present at Italian summit

The Coordinator of the Climate Adaptation Partnership, Stefania Manca, presented at the Italian National Summit “Città resilienti al clima. Pianificare e attuare il cambiamento”.


The focus of the presentation was the adaptation to climate change as a driver for urban transformation. The Coordinator presented the key principles and innovative approach of the Urban Agenda, as well as the actions of the Climate Adaptation Partnership. She emphasized the great achievement regarding the strong voice of the cities as an enabling factor for future transformation in the Urban Agenda. According to the Coordinator, by “enhancing city capacity building with the 10 actions of CAP we will ensure concrete steps for urban regeneration process to foster key reasonable improvement”.

She gave an update of the 10 actions of the Partnership on the first implementation steps of the plan, which was met with great interest, especially in cities that don’t have dedicated staff on the adaptation matter.