Trustworthy AI in Practice

Man and woman scientist discussing in front of a supercomputer

AI applications are growing in all industries and sectors. But how do we make sure that they can be deployed and used in a way that everyone can trust? After proposing its 7 key requirements, the High-Level Expert Group on AI developed the ALTAI list to facilitate business and organisations in self-assessing their AI systems. In this section, members of the AI Alliance share their experience with ALTAI or other practices that help in building an AI ecosystem of trust in Europe and around the world. 

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Best Practices

Quantum Technology Impact Assessment

Emergent abilities in large AI models such as Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs), show the need to continuously improve and update technology…
Best Practices

AI and #SmartManufacturing in Pharma

Commonly known as Smart Manufacturing, the Industry 4.0 launch parties have been numerous across the globe. From conscious self-reporting and…