multi country projects

Achieving the Digital Compass objectives requires scaling up EU’s digital capacities and strengthening critical infrastructures linked to EU’s digital sovereignty. To meet this challenge, the Digital Compass Communication introduces a new type of project – Multi-Country Projects – with the aim to mobilise and combine investments from the EU budget, Member States and the private sector, building on the Recovery and Resilience Facility and other EU funding. Such Multi-Country projects can create an impact that no single entity could achieve on its own, reduce digital divides within and between Member States, and support an interconnected, interoperable and secure Single Market. 

To incentivise Member States to work together in Multi-Country Projects and build on lessons learnt, including from the implementation of such projects under the RRF, the Commission is assessing options, such as the feasibility and features of a specific instrument for Multi-Country Projects, as part of the proposal for the Digital Policy Programme. 

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